Monday, January 16, 2012

a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code: 0x80070002

Missing oembios.bin

I'm miss deleting file on
C:\Windows\System32\oembios.bin during setup NCOMPUTING L230.

The manual of NCOMPUTING said

File Cleanup

After the uninstall has completed and the system has rebooted, open My
Computer and delete the following files and folders:

1. C:\Windows\07110250.bin
* The last number in this filename may vary.
2. C:\Windows\System32\oemebios.bin
* X-series vSpace will have "oemxbios.bin" instead. Do not
delete any other files with similar names, as these are core Windows
system files.
3. C:\Program Files\Common Files\NComputer\
* Delete this folder and any files within.


Restore oembios.bin from the CD-Installer or from the COMPUTER those
run NON OEM-WINDOWS (ie NEC, thosiba, etc) or inotherand use universal

I hope no one do the stupid action like me. oembios.bin != oemebios.bin

Dikirim dari dengan dukungan dev-NET(system)