Wednesday, October 02, 2013

App Error 200 reset

My Blackberry Torch 9860 was connected to the desktop manager, then over me to update

some how after reboot coming with  "App Error 200 reset"
I spend a day try to fixed it,
1. downgrade
2. re upgrade
3. reset
for many times, but no luck

finally i found this " (below message"

my step is
1. run BB desktop manager
2. take out battery
3. connect device (BB 9860) with usb to PC
4. on the dialog klik "repair"
5. Chose upgrade
6. then choose witch version you prefer. in my case i leave it as default
7. on status "waiting for initialization" install the battery
8. let it finished

After reboot the device back to normal, you may have to restore from your backup

below message is the original guide, even rather old but work for me

"Ghiaid"'s post just saved me! I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for posting that. It worked exactly as you described for me and my phone is now working again, and most of the data is getting restored. 


Here's what happened:


I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800. I connected with the Desktop Manager on my PC to add an app - "Tilt Lock", and did that. Then, decided while I was connected, to remove some applications that I will never use. So I unchecked a few and ran it.


Part of the way through, the progress bar on the Desktop Manager program froze, and the phone froze. I restarted it, a few times the "soft" way, and about 10 times by removing the battery. Every time, it would never get past the all-black "loading" screen, and eventually would show a white screen with only  "APP ERROR 200" on it.


I tried charging it, taking the battery in and out lots of times, pushing all of the buttons, etc., but things were looking pretty grim - until I did exactly what "Ghiaid" described:


1. Pull the battery and LEAVE IT OUT
2. Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager
3. Click on Application Loader and choose Update Software
4. Connect your Blackberry with the battery still OUT
5. If prompted, enter your password/pin
6. If multiple OS's are listed, choose the one with preferred next to it(if yo're rememmber what caused your error remove them here, by highlight the app and click delete, leave uncheck)

7. Allow the update to run without the battery
8. When it says Waiting for initialization, it will attempt to reboot. At this point you will need to insert your battery or it will show the battery icon with the red line through it. If this icon shows, simply insert your battery and the phone will reboot again
9. Allow the software to continue the update

If done correctly, you will have a working Blackberry once again!


Good luck, anybody with this problem -


Thanks again to "Ghiaid"!!



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