Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Changin Endian to IPcop BOX

Since i have change my default gateway a week ago, my internet getting slow. EFW-2.2-Beta1 was installed on P3 128MB of RAM 6GB hardisk.

previously It was IPCop Box, because of some filtering not work as good as endian i change hardisk and install EFW-2.2-Beta1 in separated disk. but to day i feel internet slower than using IPCop.

finally i change hardisk with IPCop installed. some bios configuration was change so it become so weired,
there is no monitor in this box.

I guest should press F2 for continuing w/t new hardisk, and I'm lucky it work than IPCop was up.

( the correct one is press F1, it known after i retry again last night)

I realy surprised when i download same file and speed increase upto 2 times, even filtering not so good but it better for my internet caffe.

dev-NET now run IPCop for default gateway and Proxy.

I conclude that ipcop using squidguard may it lihgter than endian using Dansguardian.

Have nice holiday