Tuesday, April 22, 2008

XDA-2 with Windows Mobile 6

Last November I upgraded my XDA-2 to windows mobile 6 (Tofclok-edition).
my device run well for few month, and since last month suddenly got some

Radio is run but no incoming call, the device appear GPRS icon. and
actual GPRS is work with no problem.
SMS also no problem. the problem is happen on calling/incoming call.

I suspect it happen caused by leak of Storage, available only 15MB.
I run my XDA-2 for few aweek without Calling feature so i decide to
upgrade to another ROM. I've tried to upgrade with many radio version.
(1.17. 1.18, 1.19) but not work.

finally I got

upgrade everything and remove anythings, then my XDA-2 device run well

Jakarta, 22-Apr-08