Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NMAP and 3Com 3CRWE 454G

I've old 3COM Access Point 3CRWE 454G, it has been long time work for me, at this time this machine run like tired, maybe yes because of has been run for more than 5 years. In current running ip I can't configure using Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 nor IE 8.0, so I decided doing hard reset.

The procedure how to reset is
1. un plug the power supply
2. Push reset bottom and hold
3. Plug the power while the reset bottom still pressed
4. Hold about 5 second
5. Release the reset bottom
6. Connect the LAN cable (use cross cable)
7. Access the original ip address
8. Default password is Admin

The problem is begin, i cannot access this ip address but the signal is detected. here the problem solving.

1. Plug 3Com to the LAN Switch (do not turn it on)
2. Run DHCP server on it, in my case DHCP run on
3. Turn on the 3COM 3CRWE 454G
4. Run nmap ip or port scanner in my case use this command "nmap -sV -p 80", I scan for ip on this network those open port 80.
5. Browse using Google-Chrome.
6. Configure as you want.

note IE8 and FF3,6 is not compatible for this 3COM 3CRWE 454G


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