Monday, May 31, 2010

New Release of Medical Module of OpenERP

Kabar Gembira pagi ini,

Realase terbaru dengan feature yang lebih lengkap dari modeul Medial dari OpenERP. kebetulan memang lagi ngoprek OpenERP. Selamat dan semoga lebih bermanfaat bagi kegiatan kemuanusiaan.

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berikut petikan dari Luis

"I just uploaded Medical 0.0.49 with some important changes in the functionality, reporting and navigation. I have also included Panagiotis Kontaxis localization for Greece. "

v 0.0.49
r90 | meanmicio | 2010-05-30 19:06:39 -0300 (dom 30 de may de 2010) | 21 lines

- Create Patient Vaccinations report
- Add observations field to the patient vaccinations tree view
- Fix string in Medical directions
- Put a label in the allergy information box
- Fixed field in Patient allergies
- Change Allergies widget from many2many to one2many list
- Create the patient allergy object, holding the type of allergy and severity of the allergic reaction, and pointing to the patient disease object for the other information
- Add is_allergy field in the patient disease object, to be used with domains in other references, such as the list of allergies in the patient.
- Move perinatal information from the main module view to the medical_gyneco module
- Add Pathology indication in the Medication tree view
- Show Patient ID in the Patient form . This is the internal id of the center, not the partner identifier.
- Change identifier to patient_id in patient tree view
- Add heal date of a disease
- Change diagnosis age to integer
- Add a field to determine that a disease is at an active state
- Sort list of patient diseases by its activity status.
- Link medication to patient diseases instead of general pathology.
- Added missing "course_completed" field on the medication form
- Highlight in the form the allergies that generate severe reactions on the patient

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