Monday, May 30, 2011

Manual for YH2000-C and AD2000-M

Since my has been controlled by automation, I found some difficulties during installation

Here one part that almost no Manual, I summaries this to help another person found difficulties like me, hope fully this short scrip can bit help you

Machine Name

AD2000-M (mine)

Picture form another webs can be found in the link bellow

Wiring Guide
(the most confusing case)

Power Supply
GND (for - negative pin)

Door Strike (12Volt output)
PUSH (+)
LOCK (-)

- Open In Door (receive status) not for use for common user, usually used by controller
- Door Bel, working like switch

How To Setup Machine

Default PASSWORD is '12345'

#+[password current system 5 digit]+1+[Input new systems password 5 Digit]

Registering User/Member

#+[5 digit system password ]+0+[4 digit user id]+RFID detect+[User 6 Digit user's password ]+6

Member with RFID Only
#+[5 digit system password ]+2+[4 digit user id]+RFID detect+6

Member with PASSWORD Only
#+[5 digit system password ]+2+[4 digit user id]+[User 6 Digit user's password ]+6

Deleting USER

Delete 1 user ID
#+[5 digit system password ]+3+[user id]

Remove All User
#+[5 digit system password ]+4

Duration of Opened Door
#+[5 digit system password ]+5+[2 Digit duration in second ]

How To Access (choose one)
1. Put RFID near the censor
2. Input Password
3. Put RFID near the censor following 6 digit Password

Howto  RESET System PASSWORD (12345)
1. Power Off
2. Jumper S16 Pin 2+3
3. Power On (Alrm+all led flashing)
4. Power Off
5. Power On (Alarm+all led flashing)
6. Change Jumper S16 to Pin 1+2
7. Finished

Log out From System
[Login State]+6

Dikirim dari dengan dukungan dev-NET(system)